2017 Smart TV

A Content Centric UI Model designed to break content silos. From any screen, the user can select relevant content from any sources, or launch another app from there. No more cumbersome source switching.

A simple remote

All of this is accessible with a consolidated Home button on the simple remote.

It’s a single access point.


Family Hub 2.0

Samsung aimed to enhance its brand value by expanding investments in innovative premium products. 

We took a user-centered design approach to address key challenges, to:

  1. meet user needs,
  2. ensure scalability, and
  3. improve accessibility.

To do this, we needed a framework that’s flexible, and set out to redefine the UI model.

Informative when idle

58% of families we surveyed have a command center in their kitchen. 

To help them with family coordination, we wanted to surface important information when the screen is not being actively navigated (which is most of the time). 

We introduced an Idle screen. 

Customizable framework

We enabled content pinning at the home level, just like how you would stick a photo of your pet to the fridge.

We offered interactive widgets in 3 sizes to tailor to the family needs. For examples, a small weather widget, a mid-size recipe app, and a large calendar. 

We extended support for users to perform common actions on home without having to launch an app. 

More information available upon request, please contact me if you’re interested.