Complex shopping journeys

Shopping for the home is a multi-phased, non-linear process. It often requires many decisions, coordination, and validation. I led Experience Design for a superpod that operates on the mission to guide users by providing the help and services they need along the way. 

We do this by creating the capabilities, platforms and experiences that meet the user where they are, and can be tailored to their specific use case. 

Tools & Services

The Tools & Services team comprises several pods and squads. Home Services helps users enjoy their purchases faster with assembly, and longer with warranties. 

Shopping Tools focuses on enabling design projects and connecting users to humans at Wayfair. This team is also a visualization center for validating a size or style fit with 3D and AR tools.

Our days are measured in moments

Our job is to make sure that every moment with Wayfair is time well spent.

To address customer challenges across our storefront funnel, we’re defining a target experience that establishes Wayfair as a trusted destination for all things home. 

Fix the basics

The basics are the bread-and-butter experiences for the core eCommerce business. I crafted solutions for Large Parcel, which drives a majority of the revenue for our largest and most established vertical.