Ericsson MediaFirst

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MediaFirst Demo

This video envisions Ericsson’s next generation TV services, that’s built upon an integrated platform (spanning across TV, tablet and mobile devices) utilizing web and cloud technologies.

Follow the user intent

We designed every UI page as a reflection of the user intent, and the next steps are progressively revealed.

Content is organized from the most to the least personally relevant, from left to right, top to bottom.

The same principle is mirrored by the remote control. 

The button mapping is meticulously organized to complement the user’s common navigation pattern, in order to facilitate a heads up TV experience. 

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Video is first, and last

Live TV is a video first, lean back experience. And the user’s ultimate goal is to find something to watch, most usually. 

To meet this need, I painstakingly crafted One IA for all screens (below) across mobile, tablet and TV devices. No matter where you are in the system, the blue lines connect you to content playback. All roads lead to Rome.

The experience is personal

Signing in and out of a TV viewing experience is cumbersome, especially with a household of multiple members.

We took on the challenge to design a viewer detection model that’s as passive as possible – using a combination of technologies, algorithmically determine the confidence value for who’s watching TV now.

It’s a platform, not a product

MediaFirst is a reference design that’s optimized for operator customization.

We built our UX architecture to support this business-to-business-to-consumer model, while maintaining the integrity of our design principles – by clearly articulating what’s customizable, strongly recommended, vs. required. 

Building blocks of the UX architecture include: Spatial Model, Motion Systems, and Style Guide.