TV & Speech @ Microsoft

Tellme for Windows Phone 7

Launched the first integrated voice UX on Windows Phones, a precursor to Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant.

Tellme enabled users to call someone, launch an app, and search the web with the Bing search engine, by using their voice. 

This motion study explores the key states of the experience in a flow, including listening, thinking, handoff, and presenting results.

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Mediaroom for
AT&T U-verse

Mediaroom was world’s #1 IPTV platform that powered TV technology and services for over 40 operators around the world, including AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Telus Canada and Swisscom. 

In addition to traditional set top boxes, we drove to define the next-generation experiences across the Surface tablet, Windows Phones and Xbox. 

AT&T U-verse on Xbox

Peek Framework

Detailed a navigation model for TV viewers to access relevant content at their finger tips.

While allowing viewers to stay immersed in the focused content, 4 glanceable peeks are just a click away, for easy discovery of:

  1. top recommendations to pivot to,
  2. recent content to easily  resume,  
  3. live content that’s on now, and
  4. source-agnostic content/episodes based on what’s being watched now.
Hotel California navgiation model

Give a little, get a lot

This motion study explores integrating the peek framework, source agnostic content model, and voice interaction into the TV experience, with the addition of understanding the user’s interests in a few simple steps.

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