Nurserymen’s Exchange

Design & brand center

Nurserymen’s had been providing products that enhance the beauty of the home and garden since 1941.

My role was to upgrade all Nurserymen’s creatives and communications, to reflect its leading position in America’s horticulture industry.

This corporate styleguide is part of a program to establish Nurserymen’s as one source, one vision, one brand for all your horticultural needs.

Nurserymen's packaging


The company’s BloomRite© brand included blooming plants, tropicals and foliage, packaged bulbs and shrubs.

I designed a series of product packaging for the shelves of WalMart, Target and other national mass merchandisers. 

Semi-annual catalogs

Nurserymen’s half-yearly product catalogs were by far the biggest design production for the company. I would spend months on art directing photoshoots, doing layouts, and running press checks overseas. 

The end products were highly anticipated by retailers, mass merchandisers and the like. 

Nurserymen's catalogs