Say what you want
and get it

At Tellme, I worked on designing multi-modal mobile experiences, including  Tellme for Blackberry and Live Search for Sprint.

At the time, Tellme was the fastest way for you to get the info you need when you’re on the go. Just say what you want and get it. 

Launch campaign

I directed the creative for launch events, website, product demos, marketing collateral, as well as  advertising in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Tellme launch - booth

Product demo

Tellme’s voice portal quickly connects you to everyday information such as local businesses, driving directions, weather, traffic and movies. 

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I.D. Magazine Interactive Design Award

Voice + Visual modalities

Tellme was a pioneer in voice + visual interaction, first designed for feature phones. This version was the winner of Best in Category, Interactive, ID Magazine 2007 Annual Design Review.

Tellme Lobby

Brand culture

Tellme had a beloved culture. By managing its brand identity and evangelizing the organizational culture, it was later positioned the second largest acquisition in Microsoft history in April 2007, and nominated for KRON4’s Bay Area’s Most Admired Companies.


An exercise to envision a distinct interaction model that is lightweight and contextual:

A speech bubble for speech input recognition, a thought bubble for processing and “conjuring” results, and so on.

The Bubble Vision